Rest in Peace Kieron

This webpage is a permanent online memorial, dedicated to the memory of Kieron Delamare who very sadly passed away on the morning of April 19th 2008 in his home county of Cornwall, England.

Kieron’s body was buried on May 1st 2008 at a church service well attended by friends and family.

This site is continuing to be setup with contributions from his loving Wife, two step-sons and two grand-children who will miss his exuberant personality and fantastic sense of humour very much.

Your Memories

Those who knew Kieron knew how infectiously cheerful and outgoing he was. This was probably the reason he made so many friends around the world. So if you knew him then don't hold back, CLICK HERE to read the comments contributed so far and post your own memory of Kieron.

Photos of Kieron

It was always tricky getting a good shot of Kieron, who believe it or not was quite a camera shy fellow. This was a good photo of him acting naturally.

Kieron & step Son

Kieron with a puppet he was using to make his grandchildren laugh.

Kieron and Grandchild number 1

Kieron and his wife at a family Wedding

A shot of Kieron at the same Wedding

Kieron standing amoung family members

Kieron lining up for a wedding photo with the Bride and Groom

Kieron and his Wife relaxing at home

Kieron his wife and step Son.

As most will remember him, having a good laugh!

Photos of the Funeral Site

The church where the funeral was held on May 1st 2008

A shot of the inside of the church

Another shot of the inside of the church

Looking down toward the church from the top of the graveyard, Kieron's burial site is visible on the right hand side of the photograph.

Kieron's Wife, two step sons and grandchild in the church the following day.

Kieron's temporary grave marker

The sunset at the end of the day

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